Have you ever heard of Yatsuhashi? It’s one of the traditional sweets of Kyoto. This unique taste is nostalgic for me, as I grew up in Kyoto, but for people outside of Kyoto, they would find it an unique taste of Kyoto.

This time, I had the opportunity to experience making Yatsuhashi. I would introduce a bit of the experience and what to do near Arashiyama station.

[How to get there]

From Arashiyama Station ① on the Arashiyama Electric Railway, go to Saiinto ② and change there, then head to Nishikyogoku Station ③. At Nishikyogoku, a bus from Yatsuhashi-an and Shishiyata shop will pick you up. Then you will arrive at the shop. ④

There is a restaurant called Saganoyu ⑤ near Saga Arashiyama Station. The restaurant is a converted hot spring facility and has a unique atmosphere.


This restaurant is also famous for its original Tofu and pasta. They are really tasty.

Next, there is a place called Kimono Forest at Arashiyama Station on Eiden Line.

This stick has a kimono cloth in it, and it’s very beautiful. By the way, my favorite is the cloth with a skeleton pattern.


There is a footbath at Arashiyama Station on Eizan Electric Railway. It is one of the smallest hot springs in Japan, and you can get in with just your feet. We went in there too!

[The flow of the experience.]

Let me explain the flow of the experience. There are various courses for the experience. This is the course we took this time. The course we took this time was to make a yatsuhashi.

You will be provided with these tools.


There are three types of paces: anko (sweet bean paste) made from soybeans and sugar, green tea-flavored anko (sweet bean paste) made from soybeans, sugar and green tea, and kuri (chestnut). My favorite is the chestnut.

With these utensils, the dough is made and the paste is put inside, and then it’s done.

For more detailed photos of the production process, please visit the following links and watch our funny video!!

-Crew mates-


From Mie

Favorite place: KIyomizu Temple

Favorite alcohol: whisky

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