Hidden Spot in Kyoto with an emerald green view

Wazuka is the main region for producing Uji-tea, which has a rich history since 13th century.

The popular sweets in Japan, Matcha, is mainly made from Uji-tea.

It takes about an hour from Kyoto-station to this little town by train and bus, or you can rent a car at Kyoto station and drive it down for an hour.

This town is famous for its beautiful view of tea fields that seem like they’re climbing all the way up to the sky. This is the only place you can see the spectacular view of tea fields in west-Japan.

But Wazuka is not a well-known spot for tourists from overseas, so it’s very comfortable to look around without the crowds. This was actually the best part of this trip! I sat and looked at the view for as long as I wanted!

I first went to rent an electronic motor-powered bicycle, which would be the best transportation in Wazuka. It only costs 1000 yen for a whole day and since it helps you pedaling a bike with electronic power, it is easy to even go up the steep slopes of Wazuka.

As I enjoyed cycling, it occurred to me, like every second, that I had to take a picture of this million-dollar view with the emerald green.

After I saw this superb view of Wazuka, I headed for d:matcha Kyoto CAFE&KITCHEN where you can find various types of Japanese sweets, tea and teaware.

I had their amazing Matcha tiramisu.

This has a lot of rich Matcha powder on vanilla ice cream. Matcha tastes a little bitter, so it goes with sweet vanilla very well.

Matcha is so delicate that the color and the flavor immediately starts degrading when it is exposed to oxygen. That means Matcha is best enjoyed as soon as possible after its production. This café offers Matcha that was processed in Wazuka, so expect Matcha served here would taste much richer than any Matcha you see in cities.

Wazuka has various cafés. One is located on the hill and has a beautiful view. Another holds a lecture of Japanese style tea ceremony. we recommend you to visit several cafés to fully enjoy Japanese tea and its culture.

If you are a fan of Japanese scenery or Japanese tea culture, Wazuka is a must visit!

Again, Wazuka is a peaceful area with an amazing sight of tea leaves surrounding your whole peripheral view. If you want to see the one and only view of tea fields in Japan with a noiseless and crowd-less experience, please take a second to visit the area!

Thank you for reading!!

Author: Hayato Morita

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