Omotenashi is a traditional Japanese way of hospitality with the most dedicated and exquisite manners. It creates an ambiance of tranquility and relaxation where the guests will experience unforgettable moments at ease. The meaning of Omotenashi goes way deeper than just providing outstanding hospitality as the original meaning is to entertain the guests wholeheartedly. Omotenashi is doing something for customer so that their Impression and satisfaction would be better. Invisible attention, worry, and care for customer is very important.


For Example…

・Train in Japan always comes on time.

・There are little baskets under or beside the tables at restaurants and bars so people’s bags and coats don’t have to be placed on the floor.

・Taxi doors open automatically at your approach and the uniformed-white-gloved driver doesn’t expect a tip.

・At McDonald’s, you can order smile for free! This happens only in Japan! Smile is one of the most important things for Omotenashi, and you can experience for free there. please try that!




Ryokan would be the best place to experience Omotenashi. Ryokan is a Japanese style accommodation. It has Japanese structure, equipment and mostly hot spring, which make difference from usual hotels. You can, therefore, stay in the room with Tatami and sleep on Futon.

You will see Omotenashi everywhere in Ryokan. When you arrive at Ryokan, staff takes your luggage. Wagashi and hot green tea is waiting for you in the room you are going to stay. The meals are provided in the guest room so that you can fully relax and communicate with staff. Then, staff makes your bedding futon. This isn’t all.


Omotenashi is priceless. When you come to Japan, please experience and feel what is Omotenashi.

Author: Kanami Fukumoto

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