Amazing Japanese 1 dollar shop Daiso

One-dollar shop representing Japan. Its name is Daiso. When Japanese people find something they lack in their everyday lives, all Japanese people run into the store! Whenever there is any obstacle, I will go to Daiso.

So this time, I would like to introduce Daiso, a talented one-dollar shop in Japan.

Daiso is a shop where you can buy anything for $ 1 (some products are more than $ 1, though.). You can buy anything that you can think of, if it is not living things. For example, stationery, tableware, cookware, clothing, hair care products, skin care products, food, snacks etc. This is why all Japanese people run into Daiso.

I would like to introduce three of the Daiso products that I am hitting, which I recommend.  There is no doubt that buying these products will make your life more convenient.  Please drop by when you come to Japan.

Quick & Easy Microwave Pasta

This is the plastic box to boil pasta by microwaves.

Put water, salt, and pasta in this container, and all you have to do is boil the pasta 10 minutes in microwave.

You do not need to take a horrible step to cook pasta anymore!! Preparing a pot to boil the pasta, boil it, and the pasta are hard and not cooked yet. No more hassle! ! !

There is no doubt that your quality of life will improve by using it!  It’s not the knowledge or the technology that improves the quality of your life, but the DAISO item that let you cook pasta by microwave! ! !

Easy sealer

This is a product that can re-seal the opened bag of anything such as snacks.

Please think about when you eat Lays. Packages of Lays are huge, but have you ever thought that if you stop eating halfway, you’ll have tomorrow? No, you cannot.  Once you open it, you can’t go back. You have no choice but to become your appetite slave.

I’ve been wondering how to overcome the appetite for a long time.  And I found the solution in DAISO.  You can solve the problem with it. 

Yes, it is this Easy sealer that makes you aware of the Logos, not the metaphysics or the books of Immanuel Kant! ! !  No more being a slave of our instinct !!

Pump Deflator

A convenient tool that can easily compress PET bottles! ! !

Have you ever heard SDGs?  SDGs(sustainable Development Goals) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.  This is set by United Nations aim to achieve these goals  by 2030.  It was adopted by the United Nations unanimously. That means, across the globe, almost all countries in the world are working to reach these 17 goals.

Unfortunately, there is no goal to crush PET bottles, but I hope that each person reading this article will be more interested in the SDGs and work on what they can do.  There is little effect if you work alone. However, if we all work together, it will be great.  And I pray that the great power will become a big stream to achieve SDGs of the world.


I did not think it would be such a grand story from Daiso, but anyway, Daiso is a good shop, so please come when you visit to Japan.  If it is a tourist resort, you can buy famous souvenirs from that area. For example, Daiso near Kyoto Station sold a lot of stuff that looks very Japanese.

It is reasonably priced and it is sure to please everyone! Please drop in.  Enjoy!!!

Author: Atsushi Yabushita

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