On 25th May, Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe announced that the government decided to lift the state of emergency caused by coronavirus in Japan.

It seems that we finally started going back to normal life like before, gradually more and more people commuting to work or school from home, and restaurants and shops opening their doors again.

But it will be taking a little longer till we can go travel over the country. Are you living in Japan and stuck at home, getting bored, and wishing to go somewhere? At this moment physically moving around is not recommended unfortunately, but with #sosmapjapan (https://www.sosmap.pw/index), you can experience “travel of tastes” with various local foods from different prefectures while staying home. In addition, you can also support someone!

One of the problems the pandemic has caused in the society is excessive stock of food products. Because of the stagnation of economic activity, farmers, producers, and small food companies are faced with over-stocking.

#sosmapjapan is a website which was created to list those businesses and spread the information to consumers.

From the map or the list of food products, you can easily find which business you want to help. #sosmapjapan has a link to each business’s website, where you can order the products online.

You can also choose products by category.

As a student studying in Kyoto, I ordered a set of organic and chemical-free vegetables from local farmers in the prefecture.

Opened the box, I was surprised to see a lot more products inside than I was expecting. And I could easily tell that they were very fresh from the smell of greens and the soil. They are called “Kyo-yasai”, meaning they are grown in Kyoto. There was a type of carrot that I had not seen before.

The package came with an instruction of how to preserve the vegetables, so they last long and fresh, and easy recipes to enjoy the tastes.

So I tried some of them.

Grilled chicken with mizuna and red/yellow bell pepper

Carrot leaf seasoned with sesame sauce

Boiled snap peas with tofu dipping sauce

You can get veggies at any groceries but ordering online directly from the farmer made the process special, so I fully enjoyed the tastes than usual. Moreover, thinking that this purchase helped some farmers even a little made me feel good.

Outbreak of covid-19 has been causing serious damages around the world in many aspects, but this became an opportunity for me to try buying fresh foods directly from the farmers in the area I am living in, and to discover new recipes and tastes.

There are a lot of specialties listed on #sosmapjapan from different prefectures, so I highly recommend to take a look!

*Please be noted that;

-Delivery available only in Japan

-#sosmapjapan is written in Japanese, though google translate can help you.

-When ordering online, you might find it difficult since some descriptions are written only in Japanese.

#sosmapjapan: https://www.sosmap.pw/index

Order Kyo-yasai from: https://vegetablepro.stores.jp/

Author: Yurika Haneda

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