Hello. It’s Yabushita.

This time, I would like to introduce you to UNIQLO, a Japanese fast fashion brand that you should definitely buy if you come to Japan.

Do you all know of Uniqlo? You may know this because it is a brand that has expanded into foreign countries.  UNIQLO is a brand that makes very good products. Here are some of my favorite products.

The first one is a cashmere sweater.  One of the finest kind of sweaters in the world.

Some of you guys may notice that it is sold anywhere! ! !  This is sold everywhere.  It is a product with sophisticated functions and appearance that keeps you warm while providing a high-class feeling with thin threads.

What makes UNIQLO cashmere sweaters so great is their price.  In general, cashmere sweaters are so expensive.  My favorite professor called Google, said it costs about 200 to 500 dollars generally.  UNIQLO sells its premium cashmere sweater for $100, and $50 for the New Year holidays.

Lets go there in winter, and get them.

Next, AIRism.

It is underwear that UNIQLO invented a while ago.  It has lots of comfortable features such as dryness, cool touch, antibacterial deodorization, and deodorization are added.  It also has a stretchy feel and feels smooth like silk.

Once you wear it, you would notice that you do not wear anything.  It literally “nothing”.  The answer came to one of the problems that many philosophers over the last 2600 years have considered.  The answer of “nothing” is AIRism. Thanks Thales. Thank you, Socrates, Plato, Descartes, Kant, the batons you passed to were firmly connected.  AIRism proved the answer of “nothing”.

That is why AIRism is perfect for spending in hot and humid Japan.

The last one is sunglasses.

Uniqlo sunglasses are quite sophisticated. Look at these pictures. It is only a little inferior to sunglasses such as famous sunglasses maker Ray Ban. (Slightly inferior. As you expected.)  It also has UV protection, so it’s very convenient for the coming summer.  The price is $15 much more reasonable than latter one.

Uniqlo is good. Maybe you can buy it online wherever you live, check it out.

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