Toyota is the biggest city in Aichi where the car company TOYOTA was founded. As you know, TOYOTA is one of the best-selling and well-known car company in the world. It has the head office there and developed this area for many ways. Huge numbers of workers live there and now, it is known as one of the industrial cities in Japan.

TOYOTA automobile museum

If you are a big fun of cars, this is the place you should visit. They display the car history by showing 140 vehicles from around the world. It represents the historical progress of automotive technology and culture, from the birth of gasoline-powered automobiles to modern cars.

They adopted some languages such as English, Chinese, and Korean. There is a tour given by English, but you need to book it in advance.

They divided into 3 parts to show the first car of Toyota, how the car industry developed, and innovation and diversity of cars. There is a library that holds automobile magazines and catalogs which inaugurated between 1894 and 2000 in Europe, the U.S., Japan and more. You can also find automobile posters, car badges, car mascots, stamps, toy cars and games featuring automobiles, and more. You will definitely be excited when you find how deep the car culture is!

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TOYOTA Stadium

This is the main stadium for Nagoya grampus (a soccer team). This can accommodate 44380 people. This stadium hosted rugby world cup 2019 and electrify not only rugby funs but also the whole nation. It would be fun to watch the game here!


Kouraikei is very popular for its coloring of the leaves in autumn. Red leaves represent Japanese autumn. There is a light-up at night only in November. It gives you a fantastic and romantic time. Autumn is the best season to visit here though, you can enjoy the nature all 4 seasons. There are some charming cafes and souvenir shops around there. Drop by the Sanshu Asuke Yashiki/ residence where you can experience old-day-life in the mountains. There is a dining hall where you can taste mountain village food such as Gohei-mochi (skewered sweet rice cakes with soy sauce and miso) and grilled ayu fish (sweetfish) seasoned with salt. You can feel Japanese tradition here.


Bunchan (Obanyaki) is a small cake with Anko (sweet red beans) inside. Adumaya is one of my favorite stores. This is located next to Toyota-shi station about 3mins walk. This is known as soul food for Toyota citizens. It is attractive that the cost is only 120 yen. Try the local treats here! This store also serves shaved ice so you may want to try it as well.

Access to Toyota

Toyota is easily access from Nagoya. It takes about an hour by train from Nagoya station to Toyota station. When you go around Toyota city, I would recommend you take buses or just drive a car because the cites are far from each other.

There are a lot of things to see and do in Toyota city. There are also some nice cafes and local treats. I hope you find it interesting and visit here someday!!

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