What is Aomori Nebuta festival?

Nebuta is one of the most popular festivals in Japan, and it’s held every summer in Aomori prefecture.  The Aomori Nebuta Matsuri is a kind of the Tanabata Festival (festival held on every July 7th in Japan), and originally people threw lanterns into the rivers for pray. 

How to make Nebuta?

1.Subject and draft

Nebuta’s concept is draw up based on historical stories.  When the concept is complete, Creators draw a draft with a pencil and add color. The sketch is a blueprint of Nebuta, so they take enough time for finishing.


First, creators make a pillar made of timber, and arrange Nebuta’s shape with a wire or thread for attaching paper. Until around 1955, they used bamboo for making skeleton not wires.

3.Sticking paper

Creators stick a white paper on the completed skeleton. It is the most difficult part to make Nebuta, and they use a bond as a glue.  At this point, it seems to be like almost Nebuta.

4.Ink writing

Creators take shape with ink. Ink is used to write the face, limbs, obi, and the pattern of the kimono on the pure white Nebuta.  Creator will write them with a brushstroke that express strong power.


Creators color the remaining white background, and dye and spray them with dyes and water-based pigments. These are completes the Nebuta bodies.

6.Lifting up

40~50 people lift up the Nebuta on a decorated table with a 2 meter high wheel.  the total height is about 5m. It is a moment of excitement for the creators.

Aomori Nebuta is looking to expand overseas

The Aomori Nebuta Festival is gaining popularity overseas, and Nebuta Aomori has participated in world-class festivals such as the Carnival of Nice in France, the Sakura Festival in Hawaii, the 70th anniversary of Japanese immigration in São Paulo in Brazil, and Beijing in China.

It is also invited to various parts of Japan, such as Okinawa and Yokohama, to convey its enthusiasm. Many elementary and junior high school students learn the rhythm of flutes and drums.

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