Don’t Forget To Visit Chiba!!!

Most of tourists from overseas visit Tokyo, BUT what about Chiba? Although Chiba is located next to Tokyo, it is a prefecture that many tourists forget to visit!!!
Today, I’ll explain my favorite town in Chiba, called ‘Makuhari’!

How to get there:

JR Keiyo Line (Tokyo station to Kaihimmakuhari station)
Time: About 30 minutes
Fare: 570 yen

Having lunch with an ocean view!

THE SURF OCEAN TERRACE serves nice Chiba’s seafood, such as bouillabaisse and risotto!

You can fully relax with this perfect ocean view and pleasant breeze.

You might be able to see some surfers surfing at the beach from the terrace. If you enjoy surfing it may be an option to go surfing after a hefty lunch!

Restaurant Information


11am~21pm (Open all days except Tuesday)


About 15 minutes by bicycles from Kaihimmakuhari station

 (You can rent one around Kaihimmakuhari station)

Watching baseball matches!

ZOZO Marine Stadium is the home stadium of the Chiba Lotte Marines, which a professional team in the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball Organization).

There are twelve teams in NPB, divided into two leagues including Pacific league and Central league. Chiba Lotte Marines belong to Pacific league.

Baseball was and still is a popular sport in Japan. This is partially because Japan has a good reputation in world baseball tournaments, such as World Baseball Classic.

One thing you should try at the ZOZO Marin Stadium is eating special baseball stand foods produced by baseball players of Chiba Lotte Marines😊

The most popular seat in the whole stadium is…this seat!!!!

It’s known to have a clear view of the players’ faces so if you are a fan of Japanese baseball, it may be a good idea to grab some tickets before hand to see these players closer in person!


About 20 minutes by walk or 5minutes by bus (100yen) from Kaihimmakuhari station

Coffee or beer?

If you get a chance to go to Chiba, I also recommend going to this Cafe called Pie and Coffee mamenakano!

Their most famous menu is Pie and I tried it by myself. It is a must try menu ! 😊

When I took these photos, I had a piece of apple pie and my mom had a piece of cherry pie with rich ice latte.

The best part about this cafe is that it also serves beer as well! They make their own beer at this cafe so you get a chance to drink freshly made beer! You can also see the beer factory as well, so definitely you’ll have a fabulous time at this store.

Restaurant Information

Pie and Coffee mamenakano

10am-18:30 (Monday to Friday), 9am-18:30 (Saturday and Sunday)

Makuhari Brewery

11:30am-2pm, 5pm-8:30pm (Monday to Friday) 11am-9pm (Saturday and Sunday)


About 20 minutes on foot / 15minutes by bus (170yen) from Kaihimmakuhari station

Makuhari is located Chiba, but it’s not far from Tokyo! If you come to Tokyo, don’t forget to visit Makuhari Chiba. You’ll definitely like it😊

Author: Ayaka Makiuchi

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