Tokyo…Osaka… We have another popular city which is FUKUOKA!!! The city has nice meals, fabulous places and unique atmosphere. Today, I’ll introduce some my favorite places, so don’t miss them!

Visit Ohori Park!

The shrine is on the pond. This is called by ‘Ukimido’, meaning “a shrine floating on the water”. You can walk on the pond and feel Japanese culture here! There are many birds and fish in the pond, so you can enjoy watching them as well. Japanese gardens are located in the park, so don’t forget to go there and see nice flowers! ‘Boat riding’ is popular activity in this park among family and couples. There are some swan boats, so if you are interested in that, why don’t you try?

One tip to enjoy staying Ohori Park is having lunch by the pond! I recommend to do that especially on nice sunny day!

Subway Kuko line, Ohorikoen station or Tojinmachi station (7minutes on foot)
Bus, Kuromon bus stop or Ohorikoen bus stop (5minutes on foot)

Try Fukuoka meals!

Fukuoka is one of the best cities of food in Japan. Ramen noodle is one of the recommended meals you shod try in Fukuoka! There are many restaurants that you can have ramen noodle 24 hours! Also, it costs only 290 yen for one serve!!!

(The restaurant information is below.)

Mentaiko (fish eggs) is also very popular! Try mentaiko with hot pot or toast! It is a bit spicy and nice texture, I’m sure you’ll like it. In Fukuoka, many shops have mentaiko meals such as mentaiko with egg rolls, with noodles and with rice. So, I recommend you to try that every day with the different partners. (ramen) (hot pot) (mentaiko toast)

Relax with specialty coffee!

FUK coffee is making specialty coffee, so you can try high quality coffee! The shop atmosphere is like an airport. There are many trip stuff such as carry bags and plane pictures in the store. If you ordered hot coffee or latte, coffee are coming with nice pictures. Souvenirs are also selled in the store, so if you fine your favorite one, you should get and take them back to your place!

Shop information

name:FUK COFFEE(フクコーヒー)

place: 7mimutes on foot from subway Tenjin station

opening hours:8:00~22:00 (every day)

Fukuoka has an unique atmosphere which is a bit different as other poplar cities in Japan. Come Fukuoka and try nice melas and feel Japanese cultures! Have a nice trip~

Author: Ayaka Makiuchi

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