Hello! We would like to introduce hidden spot in Kyoto, Fushimi Sakagura Koji. In this place, you can enjoy festival of sake in Fushimi and Delicious meals.


We posted our video on YouTube, so Please check it out to get more information. (http://www.fushimi-sake-village.com

http://fushimi-sakagura-kouji.com )

In this blog, we summarize the contents of visited place and also you can see behind shot as well.




From Mie

Favorite place: KIyomizu Temple

Favorite alcohol: whisky



From Tokushima

Favotite place: Kyotanabe

Favorite alcohol: Sake



From Kyoto

Favorite place: Kyoto train museum

Favorite alcohol: Horoyoi



From Kyoto

Favorite place: Fushimiinari shrine

Favorite alcohol: beer


How to get Fushimi Sakagura Koji From Fushimi momoyama Station or Momoyamagoryoumae Station

It takes about 10 -15 minutes from station to Fushimi Sakagura Koji.

  1. Go straight this shopping avenue

     2. Turn left this street

     3. You will see Fushimi Sakagura Koji


In this restaurant….

You can try 18 kinds of Sake and many kinds of foods!





Why Fushimi?

Fushimi is blessed with abundant water, so this place became famous for Sake! People in Kyoto toast with Sake.

Behind shot

We wanted to go to Sakagura factory and show you how to make Sake

but the factory was closed because of COVID-19.



To get more information





2, 82, Hiranochou, Fushimiku, Kyoto, Japan

612 8057

6128057 京都市伏見区平野町82番地2

Open 11:30 to 23:00

Regularly Closed on Tuesday 



Here’s our video shooting in Fushimi! We traveled with this itinerary. Please check it out!

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