If you ask Japanese people “where is the most beautiful town in Japan?”, many would say “it’s Biei”. The town is located in the center of Hokkaido and has many beautiful spots. It takes a lot of time from Shinchitose International Airport to this little town, but it’s worthwhile. You’ll be stunned when you get to see the pleasant rural landscape and the sky filled with bright stars.

Blue Pond

The pond is nothing but blue as you can see. The color of this deep blue is made by natural minerals dissolved in the water. Since the pond is part of an erosion control system, it hasn’t promoted as a tourist spot until recent years. Because of this reason, this spot is not much developed for tourism and there is only a free parking lot. No shop, restaurant or any kind. BUT still the beautiful blue attracts so many travelers to visit here.


Norokko Train


This train starts from Biei and runs very slowly so that you can enjoy the view of pleasant hills and mountains at the back. There wouldn’t be a train with this lovely view in Japan, or possibly in the world. The train ends at Furano, which is also a little town next to Biei. You should enjoy visiting these two towns, Biei and Furano, at the same time, since they are very close to each other and Furano also has many tourist spots, including the purpleful view of lavender fields in July.

Farm Tomita

This farm has many gardens and flower fields. The most famous and popular one here is a lavender field. When you stand in front of the filed, you can see a purpleful view of lavenders at the front and spectacular mountains at the back. There is no such view other than this place. Lavenders bloom in July, but other gardens look beautiful with flowers regardless of season. Therefore, you can visit here even in spring or autumn.

Tourists, of course, can enjoy seeing lavenders, AND can enjoy tasting them too. There are cafes that serve lavender ice cream.  It has a rich lavender essence whereas the flavor of vanilla stays well in it. The refreshing taste is particularly welcome on hot days 🙂

There are more than what we recommended above in Biei and Furano. You can make itinerary as we arranged in this blog. You can first visit Biei, take the train and enjoy the town of Furano. July is the most recommended season to visit these places, but you will have a great time there even in other seasons, for instance, winter when snow covers ski resort in Furano. All we want to say is to just visit Biei and Furano whenever you can!! We guarantee the great experience that you will and did never have other than in these two towns.

Author: Hayato MOrita

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