A Great Experience of Wildlife Safari Tour in Japan

Which cities would you visit in Japan? You would probably visit the main cities like Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka or Kyoto. These are awesome places to experience Japanese culture and city life in Japan. HOWEVER, there is more to Japan than just these awesome places!

Why Himeji is an awesome tourist spot.

Himeji is the central city of Hyogo prefecture and has a world heritage site called Himeji castle. When you walk around the castle, you will get an amazing view of every angles and you will even see people who cosplay as samurai. Unlike taking photos with costumed characters in the middle of Times Square, the samurais’ will most likely allow you to take pictures of them for free (at least I have not experienced being charged for a photo).

What To Do in Himeji-

1. Safari Tours in Himeji Central Park

Have you seen the famous film “Jurassic Park”? The Safari Park is similar to it except:

  • nobody will get injured if you follow the rules,
  • and there are no dinosaurs.

Be aware that you must have a driver license to get around the park because it only allows entry by car. One thing I do not recommend is to bring your favorite or an expensive car because there are risks of animals scratching your car. If you are afraid to go with your own car, you can rent a car too!

The last time I went was a long time ago but I do remember that the section which showcased lions and other predators was terribly scary for me. If you are brave enough to take a photo of lions, please try to take one because it could make a great souvenir for the trip.

2. The Amusement Park in Himeji Central Park

After you had a great time in the safari park, you can keep enjoying with your friends, families, and partners in the amusement park nextdoor.

The amusement park has the biggest pool in the west Japan. Yet this park is recognized by less than 10% of tourists which means that you can have a good time without being crowded. You typically need to wait in line for about 2 hours to get in a ride when you go to a famous amusement park. That’s way too long isn’t it?

In Himeji Central Park, you just need to wait about 5 to 10 minutes! How efficient is that!

More Details on Himeji Central Park


Open Hours: Monday ~ Sunday, 10:00 ~ 17:00

Tel: 079-264-1611

Address: Kodani-1434 Toyotomicho, Himeji, Hyogo 679-2121

Tickets: General admission: Adult 3600 yen / Child 2000 yen / Infant 1200 yen

Author: Satoshi Nakano

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