Kameoka is in western Kyoto. It has the third biggest population in Kyoto next to Kyoto city and Uji city. It used to be called Kameyama until Meiji era. There is a castle called Kameyama castle which has the power to control the western japan. It is surrounded by mountain and has rich nature with Hozu river which runs into the middle of Kameoka area.

Sagano Romantic Train (Trolly)

It starts from Arashiyama and go to Kameoka. It takes 20 minutes for one way. The train has no windows and you can enjoy the scenery of the great nature both right and left side of the train. You can feel the nice breeze directly from the train.

More information https://www.sagano-kanko.co.jp/

Basha (horse carriage)

After you get off the train (trolly), there is the box office of the Basha (horse carriage) and you can find the horses. The fare is on the website below. Get the ticket and get on the horse carriage. The carriage runs along with the Hozu river. You can enjoy the view of river and mountain and relax on the carriage with a good speed of jog along. It goes to JR Kameoka station from Trolly Kameoka station.

More information https://kyobasha.jp/


Kameoka Hasamu Coppepan (Sandwich)

There are many kinds of Coppepan in the shop about 15 menus. They are reasonable price about 200~350 yen. The most popular menu is Kameokagyu cutlet sandwich which often sell out before noon. We could not have the popular one but had the Kakuni sandwich.

Tanzan Shuzou (Sake brewery)

There are a lot to see and do in Kameoka! Kameoka is the best place to feel Japanese nature and tradition. It is very close to Arashiyama, so please stop by if you are interested!

Here’s our video shooting in Kameoka! We traveled with this itinerary. Please check it out!

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