Feel Nature, Learn History and Try Traditional Food!

Do you want to meat Ryoma Sakamoto?

Ryoma Sakamaoto, often called “Ryoma” is one of the most popular people in Japanese history. He is a Samurai and contributed to Meiji Restoration. (Meiji Restoration was the crucial event in Japanese history that restored the imperial rule to the Empire of Japan in 1868 under Emperor Meiji from Tokugawa Shogunate, which had governed Japan for more than 200 years. )

Kochi is a place where he was born and worked hard for the revolution, so there are many contents related to Ryoma in the area.

Katsura Beach

You can meet huge Ryoma’s stature here! Also, there is a beautiful beach, nature and shrine nearby, so this is a chance to take instagrammable pictures!!


Kochi station

Huge Ryoma’s stature is waiting for you, here too! Also, try Ryoma’s cappuccino. Kochi is the only place that has such a kind of cappuccino, so why don’t you try it!? After taking pictures, don’t forget to post on facebook and Instagram. We are sure that you will get lots of likes, since it will be instagrammable too 🙂

Feel nature

The water of Niyodo River is amazingly clear! We are sure that here is the best place for feeling nature!!!!

There is the Omelette rice Street near the river, so don’t forget to try! Tomato is also popular! My favorite one is eating tomato with udon noodles.

Ramen, dumplings, fish…..

After traveling in Kochi, you should try traditional meals!

Grilled ramen noodle is very popular! Only Kochi has this types of noodle, so you must have!!!

Kochi’s bonito is the thickest one in Japan. The flavor is the best as well!!! You can choose eating bonito with source or salt!


Enjoy the street stalls of dumplings. I promise you that once you start eating that, you can’t stop eating!




Don’t forget about sweets. Kochi has some original ice cream which you cannot buy outside of Kochi. My favorite ones are those two.


Kochi has nice history, nature and meals. Go there and take a lot of picture😊

Have a nice trip!!

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