Hidden Spots in Fushimi, Kyoto

You probably have seen this sight before.

This is Fushimi Inari Shrine and many of people from overseas are coming here to see these beautiful historic sights each year. You might have seen this image on Instagram or Facebook, but there are other great areas to visit besides Fushimi Inari Shrine.

This is a great spot to sight see, however, I will recommend some hidden places to visit so it would be great to check this blog post out before you are coming!!


Fushimi (Kyoto) is the best place to experience traditional Japanese culture.

But Fushimi (Kyoto) is NOT the only place to see historical buildings such as Temples, Shrines etc. You can also have a fun and unique experience in Fushimi, and never run out of things to do!

1. Find Your Own Favorite SAKE!

(@Fushimi Shuzo Koji)

Do you love to drink?

Fushimi is famous for the high quality of spring water, and that makes the taste of Sake really tasty. There are many areas where you can try a drink or buy some Sake,
but there is one place that I recommend where you can try Japanese Sake ONE AT A TIME!!!

This store is called

Fushimi Shuzo Koji

Try experimenting with local Sake by comparing the taste of different brands until you find a sake that is best for you!!

2.“It’s like a Stairway to Heaven in Japan”

Can you guess how many steps this stairway has???    

It has 230 steps!

This is a historical landmark called “Fushimi Momoyama no Misasagi” and it is well known because the tomb of the emperor from the Meiji Era rests at the top of stairway.

Many photographers come here to take photos of this long stairwell especially because it is breathtaking to see all of the leaves turn orange during the fall season. You can also see an amazing view from the top.

Going up stairs is really tough, but I’m sure that seeing Kyoto city from the top of stairs will definitely take your breath away.

Author: Shun Sawai

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