Miyama town is located in the center of Kyoto Prefecture, it takes about an hour drive from Kyoto city to Miyama town.  The old scenery of Japanese agricultural and mountain villages surrounded by rich nature remains there, and many visitors come here throughout the year.

These days, Miyama town try to protect the rich natural environment and landscape,  and there has been an active movement by starting leisure activities using rivers and forests and clean roads.  Miyama town is trying to create activities such as cycling, holding festivals and handing down traditional culture such as local culture, agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry and tourism.

Miyama Rafting

Rafting is a torrent down with a special rubber boat.  Although it is a new sport with a short history of about 20 years, it is a very popular commercial sport these days because it can be experienced by beginners in a relatively safe way.

The Miyama River flowing through the whole town is the best field for rafting.  The water is so clear that you can see the fish and pebbles on the bottom of the river.  As you ride on rafting, you can enjoy the view of  “the original scenery of Japan” and also exciting marine sports in nice environment.

MTB Activity

From professionals to beginners, there are courses with various tastes.  They are made by experienced mountain bikers and maintained every single day.  There are also a school and a rental motorcycle service that is available for any visitors.  Children and people with no experience can try out any courses with experienced bikers.


GRAX, a glamping facility at Miyama, is a new outdoor facility that just opened in 2016.  GRAX is well-equipped and has a hot spring facility, so it is recommended for camping beginners, families, and your friends. Glamping is a word that combines Glamorous x Camping and refers to the style of camping in a large tent with beds and furniture.

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