Kyoto is famous for lots of historic architectures and beautiful townscape, but it is also facing the ocean with the coastline that stretches for 315km.

Maizuru is one of port areas of Kyoto, where the mixture of warm and cold current brings a wide variety of seafood. So if you like seafood (especially Oysters in winter) or even if you don’t but looking for something else to do other than typical sightseeing, driving to Maizuru is the best way to spend your day.


There is an oyster house “Kakusho-Maru” in Maizuru. Here, you can enjoy grilled seafood including oysters, abalones, scallops, and shrimps. They are grilled on the plate attached on your table so you can also enjoy the smell and sound while they are being cooked. They also have many dishes for side menu such as deep-fried oysters and rice ball. They are fresh, juicy and the size of each seafood is huge. Also, they are very reasonable. (Oyster is only for 1,500 yen for 1.5kg.)


Sabakato 300, Maizuru, Kyoto, 625-0134

Goro Tower     

On the top of the mountain Goto-Take, there is an observation tower called “Goro-Tower.” The height of the tower is 50m, which makes the top at the height of 325m above sea level including the height of the mountain. You can see the amazing landscape of Maizuru port with mountains and small islands. It is said this view is the most beautiful among 100 sites in Kinki area.


Ueyasu 237, Maizuru, Kyoto, 624-0912

Toretore Ichiba

Toretore ichiba is a seafood market. Here you can buy fresh seafood and local products. At some stores you can also do takeaway so you can eat in the dining area.

Maizuru is a bit far from the center of Kyoto (it takes 2~2.5 hours by car), but the taste of fresh seafood and the amazing landscape is definitely worth visiting. We have uploaded a video we took when we visited Maizuru on Youtube and bilibili, so for more beautiful shots and also many more ideas to enjoy Kyoto, be sure to check it out.


Author: Yurika

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