Mie is located between Kinki area and Tokai area, so you can get there very easily! I recommend you to take Isesima Liner (Kintetsu Railway). It runs from big stations such as Kyoto, Numba(Osaka), Nara and Nagoya(Aichi). It’s very confortable and fast!

Also, ‘Ise-Jingu Sannpai Kippu’ is such a nice one. It’s including everything such as express trin ticket, free bus tickets and discount tickets! The price is 6800yen from Kansai srea and 6100yen from Tokai area. I’m sure it’s very reasonable!


Ise Shrine (Ise-Jingu)/Okage Street

Ise shrine is one of the most popular and famous ones in Japan. Many people from various areas are coming every year. It is such a spiritual place, and feel Japanese nature and culture, so you must go there if you visit Mie prefecture.


One more thing that you should remember when you visit the shrine is eating snacks! ‘Okage Street’ has various food stalls. Japanese sweets like mochi covered by pasted red beans, deep fried, seafood balls… You can try many things on this street!

This is my favorite store on this street. ‘Café Isuzugawa’ is located by the river(Isuzu river), so you can drink coffee with a nice view like the pictures.

Nabana No Sato

Nabana no Sato has various stuff such as hot springs, hotels, amusement parks, illumination areas, botanical gardens and others.

Have you ever seen Mt. Fuji’s illuminations? You can see here! Look how beautiful!

If you visit here at spring around March, you will see nice plum flowers.

Botanical gardens are also beautiful. I recommend you take a rest here, because there is a café in the garden, so you can drink coffee or tea surrounded by lots of flower.


Shima Mediterranean Sea Village

Here is the most instagramable place in Mie prefecture, possibly the most instagramable place in Japan! Most of buildings are white and stylish design. Obviously, you can take a lot of picture and you can also sleep over here! This area has restaurants, spas and hotels. So, you can spend a lot of time here.


☆One more tip to enjoy Mie!

Don’t forget to buy this lunch box. You can have matsusaka beef (one of the most popular beef in Japan), and when you open the box, you can here the music!


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