The Biggest Dagashiya in Japan

What Is Dagashiya?

“Dagashi” refers to a cheap Japanese snack. It is positioned as very similar to penny candy in America. The word “dagashi” derived from “da”(駄) worthless, low-grade “kashi”(菓子) candy, confections. As you see from the meaning of kanji(駄菓子), dagashi is low price snacks that attract child. The packages are unique and childish because it can get attention from children. The most attractive point of dagashi is that children can buy those by their pocket money.

Dagashi has been eaten since the Edo period(1603-1868). In that time, dagashi is made from black sugar. Dagashi was often compared with “jogashi” which were high quality snacks made from white sugar. Black sugar is much cheaper than white sugar at that time.  After World War Ⅱ, modern dagashi became popular to Japanese. It is because that dagashiya(stores that sell only dagashi) became common for younger students as an after-school hangout spot. The demands of dagashi increased during the Bubble Economy Period(the period that the economy grew rapidly) and various types of modern dagashi were made.

The Biggest Dagashiya

The biggest dagashiya in Japan is “日本一の駄菓子屋(The Biggest Dagashiya in Japan)” in Okayama. It is located in a rural area so that the transportation you will need to use is a car. You don’t need to worry about car parking spaces because there is a parking area that can contain about 170 cars. There are so many types of dagashi so your child will put a lot in the basket. Please bring some cash because this store is cash only. The concept of this store is “mottainai”. “Mottainai” came from Japanese traditional spirits that use something which can still be used, instead of throwing away. The store sells dagashi which have a closer expiration-date by lower price. If you are interested in food-wasted problems, please visit here and get some delicious dagashi.

Three Most-Recommended Dagashi


You can get umaibo “delicious sticks” for 10 yen. I believe that it has good cost performance and the taste is the best in dagashi’s world. There are about 37 types of flavors so you can choose your favorite flavor.

2.Morroco Yogul

You would not believe it, but this dagashi was sold for about 1 million in a year. There is “win” and “lose” on the back of the bottled cap. If you get “win”, you can get additional Morocco Yogul !!

3.Kyabetu Taro

It consists of balls of corn with nori(dry seaweed) and brown sauce. In addition, it contains a lot of corn balls so that your appetite will be satisfied. If you like to share your snack for someone, this is suitable for you. 

Author: Satoshi Nakano

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