First, What is Okinawa?

Okinawa. Okinawa is a place with the most beautiful sea in Japan.

Okinawa. It is an island located south of Japan.

Okinawa. It is a place that has developed a unique culture.

It has lots of attractive places such as Shuri castle, Churaumi aquarium, Kokusai Dori Street…

Official website of Okinawa prefecture ↓

But, I highly recommend the place called “Kouri island”

What is Kouri Island?

It is an island located north of Okinawa (easily accessible by car!) and has one of the most beautiful seas.

Well let’s take a look at the pictures.


This island is placed at north Okinawa. (about 2 hours by car from airport)

Beautiful Sea Views

Kouri island has a verrrrrrry beautiful sea. (one of the best in Okinawa)

And easily accessible.  Only if you drive a car across the bridge. Cuz it’s real long.

Things to do

Just Chill.

Go to cafés

From the many cafe’s Kourijima Cafe is our recommendation.

This cafe is a fully handmade building with a warmth of the wood that make up its ceilings. From the cafe, you can see the beautiful sea of ​​Kouri Island and the Kouri Bridge.

The menu offers seafood bowls, soba noodles, and taco rice.

Go to the Heart Shaped Rock

Tinu beach is on the north side of the island. There is a heart-shaped rock there, which is a popular spot for many tourists.

This heart-shaped rock and sea root is the result of hundreds and thousands of years of wave erosion.

Kourijima is also said to be the island of love where the Okinawan versions of Adam and Eve remain.

My Favorite Restaurant in Okinawa

Our recommendation: Shurei soba (守礼そば)

Three reasons we recommend this restaurant:

・reasonable price (about10 US dollars)

・amazingly tasty

・experience local foods

The shop has a good old-fashioned Okinawan look and feel.

There are quite a few seats, so it will be easy for a large number of people.

So far, I have introduced Kouri island in Okinawa.

This spot is not even popular for Japanese people, so please drop by whenever you have a chance to travel to Okinawa.

Have a great time relaxing!

More information about Kouri island)

Author: Atsushi Yabushita

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