The Symbol of Osaka EXPO Park “Tower of the sun”

The Tower of the sun was designed by the artist Taro Okamoto as part of the Theme Pavilion for 1970 Japan World Exposition in Osaka! It was first hold as General category in Japan and also Asia!!! AND, Osaka EXPO 2025 is coming soooon!!! So, please pre-study the first EXPO in Osaka and get ready for the next one!

The Tower of the sun has three faces, the glimmering Future represented at the apex of the tower by the Golden Mask, the Present in the form of the Face of the Sun in its front, and on its back, the Black Sun of everything Past.

Taro Okamoto (designer of the tower)

Taro Okamoto was Japan’s leading avant-garde artist of the 20th century. He was actually a friend of Pablo Picasso, and Taro Okamoto was invited to Pablo Picasso’s atelier, which rarely happened to any artists. This story tells that he was much recognized around the world at that time.


The Memorial Park

There are many things to do in the park. The park has about 260 Hectares in which there are the Japanese Garden, the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, sporting facilities and various recreation spots, like athletic park. You can go on a picnic or hiking in the huge natural environment. You could even spend all day here!!


There is the biggest mall in Japan next to Osaka EXPO park. You can enjoy shopping, movies, aquarium, English village, Ferris wheel (also biggest in Japan!!), Pokemon Park, VS park and so on!!!

Too many spots to explain in details. I will, therefore, introduce my favorite in this shopping mall.


It is “VS Park”!!

Actually, I have never been there before, but this place is always in my bucket list. This place is like “the mixture of amusement park and athletic park”. You can enjoy unique sports spiced up with new technologies. for instance, there is an attraction that you can run a race with dinosaurs 🙂

I recommend you to bring sportswear if you want to play hard!!


There are more things to do in Osaka EXPO park! A day might not be enough to enjoy all of Osaka EXPO park.

Visit here and find out your own best spot!!

Hoping you will like this place!


To get more information about Osaka EXPO

please visit this official web site! You can find more things to do!

Author: Kanami Fukumoto

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