Looking for somewhere to eat in Osaka? Want to do something unique?

Then this place “Takonotetsu” (http://takonotetsu.co.jp/) is the one you should try.

Takoyaki (“Tako”=octopus,” Yaki”=grilled), a ball-shaped savory pancake cooked on a special pan with wheat flour, octopus and some other ingredients, is a famous food in Osaka.

Namba is one of the biggest cities in Osaka and is famous for many Takoyaki stands where you can order and dine on the street. However, these days, it is too known by tourists and is always crowded…

So I present you…

Takonotetsu (a make your own takoyaki spot!)

At Takonotetsu, you can enjoy Takoyaki not as a tourist but as a local, by making it on your own! They have two locations in the middle of Osaka, both easily accessible by about 10 minutes walking from JR Osaka station.

Takonotetsu Marubiru: https://goo.gl/maps/VfnvPyZfVtqxi3318
Takonotestu Tsunoda: https://goo.gl/maps/KV2fk4NXXCBE2jfx6

They have 6 different kinds of Takoyaki with different ingredients. One has only octopus, which is a typical Takoyaki and another has octopus and shrimp, others have Japanese basil and cheese…..or you can go for “Tropical-yaki” with corn, cheese and pineapple if you are not big fan of octopus.

Once you order, they bring you all the ingredients and set them up on the pan for you.

You can add some toppings as you like. Just wait for a bit until it gets cooked and is ready to be rolled. You do not have to worry even if it is the first time or you are a foreigner, they have a manual written in English. Just enjoy rolling it gently and wait patiently. When the surface gets nicely burned and crunchy, it is the time to eat. There are so many different kinds of sauce to dip into so you will not be bored of one flavor! The dough inside does get really hot so please be careful.

They also have other dishes such as okonomiyaki (savory pancake, not ball shaped) yakisoba (fried noodles) which are both famous foods in Osaka.

Takonotetsu started their business in 1979. It is said that they were the first self-service Takoyaki restaurant and they have kept their recipe since then. Among Japan’s amazing dishes, Osaka is called a city of food. If you are ever visit Osaka, immerse yourself in the city by not just trying the tastes but enjoy making yourself while smelling cheese melting on the pan and listening locals chat and laugh.

Takonotetsu Marubiru Store

Mon.〜Sat.      11:00- 23:00 Last Order 22:15・Drink 22:30

Sun., Holiday  11:00- 22:30 Last Order 21:50

Lunch  11:00- 15:00(Weekdays only)

TEL 06-6345-0301


Umeda Kita-ku Osaka-city 530-0001

Takonotetsu Kakuta Store

OPEN 11:30- 23:00 Last Order 22:30

Lunch 11:30- 15:00(Weekdays only)

TEL 06-6314-0847

1-10 Kakuta-cho Kita-ku Osaka-city 530-0017

Author: Yurika Haneda

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