Most of you may not know about Shikoku because it’s not as familiar as other sightseeing spots such as Tokyo, and Osaka. Even for Japanese, images of Shikoku are “countryside” or “nothing to do in there”. However, there are so many places that change our first images. To attract you more on Shikoku, I would like to share my unforgettable experiences during the trip in Shikoku.

Iya-No-Kazura Bashi (Tokushima)

Iya valley is very famous as a secluded place in Tokushima prefecture, and also as a place where defeated soldiers of the Heike clan hid from the enemy. There are some theories why this bridge was made. The most famous one I believe is that the defeated soldiers made this bridge,45 meters long and 2 meters wide over the valley from mountain vines to escape from the enemy. The reason why they used mountain vines is that it could be cut anytime in an emergency case (when their enemy attacked) . You can still cross this bridge, but there are gaps between boards. I believe that you can cross this bridge without getting injured.

I had terrible acrophobia so that crossing this bridge is the worst situation in my whole life. It took just about 15 minutes to cross this bridge, but I felt like 3 hours during crossing the hell bridge.  My friends jumped on the bride to tease me, and got warning from a clerk ”please do not jump”. At that time, my face had a big smile after they were warned though. There is no prize even a person who had a terrible acrophobia crossed this bridge, but you will get unforgettable memory instead of getting it.

Chichibugahama Beach (Kagawa)

Chichibugahama is a beautiful, 1 km-long photogenic beach located in Mitoyo city. You may have heard of the famous Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia: the world famous photogenic spot that reflects the sky on the water surface. Chichibugahama had also the same “mirror” phenomenon with Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. The myracle phenomenon of this beach is caused by the tide pool created during low tide. It means that you need to know the time of low tide at chichibugahama beach. If you go on a rainy, or cloudy day, you cannot see the beautiful mirror on the beach.

We tried to make a pose, evolutionary theory. To take this photo, we waited until the water surface reflected the sky and took about 20 photos. My friends did a lot of strange poses,  and the one I like the most is the picture below. There are so many tourists at this beach so that please do not bother others. *The title of the photo below “Birth of Life”

There are more attractive spots in Shikoku such as Dougo onsen, and mandarin plantation. The access to Shikoku is a bit harder when we compare with other big cities, but it is worth going to Shikoku. Please visit there and let’s make more fabulous memories in your life!!

Author: Satoshi Nokano

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