You might know Shizuoka prefecture is famous for “Mt. Fuji”, which is one the world heritage sites in Japan. However, today, I’ll introduce other popular places in the area. Don’t miss the information especially, those who love Japanese cartoon, Chibi maruko-chan!!!

Chibi maruko-chan is a popular anime series written and illustrated by Momoko Sakura. The series portrays the simple, everyday life of Momoko Sakura, a young girl who her friends call Maruko, and her family in the year 1974. Every episode depicts Maruko’s trouble and how she and her friends solve the situation.

Chibi maruko-chan is broadcasted from 6 pm on Sundays. If you are staying in Japan on Sunday, you should check and watch it!!

Do you want to meet Chibi maruko-chan???

Simizu city, Sizuoka is a place where Ms. Momoko Sakura the author of Chibi maruko-chan was born. So, you can find Chibi maruko-chan anywhere in the city!

・JR Simizu station

Chibi maruko-chan appears anywhere around the station!

・The amusement park of Chibi maruko-chan

There is a museum of Chibi maruko-chan in Simizu city, and the place is very popular for tourists both from overseas and Japan.

You can meet Chibi maruko-chan and other characters and take picture with them! If you watch the cartoon, I’m sure you’ll be exciting and spend a lot of time here! There is a souvenir shop next to the museum, so don’t forget to buy!

Chibi maruko-chan land


Open 10am~8pm

Fee (adult) 600yen/ (child) 400yen

Every day open!

Hop on Chibi maruko-chan train!!!

 Chibi maruko-chan train is running between Shin-Sizuoka station to Shin-Simizu station (Shizutetsu railway)

The announcement in the train is… Chibi maruko-chan’s voice!!!

Try Japanese traditional food in Sizuoka!!!

・Shizuoka oden

It is like hot pot. You can pick anything you want to try such as potate, Japanese radish and meat! (basically 100yen each) My favorite one is ‘kuro hanpen’.

There are many Sizuoka oden stores on Aoba street. Every shop looks similar, but a bit different, so I recommend you that find your favorite one!

・The most popular steak store in Japan is in Shizuoka!

Sawayaka steak restaurants are only located in Shizuoka. So why don’t you try?

The shop staff grilled your stake in front of you, it is very excited! Obviously, the flavor is perfect!!!

・Try Japanese traditional sweets!

Oiwake yokan is sweets that Chibi maruko-chan loves! Yokan is like jelly, but this store’s one is not too sweet, so I recommend eat yokan with green tea. The store has Chibi maruko-chan wrapping one. It’s good for a souvenir isn’t it?

・The best place for drinking in Shizuoka

After travelling Shizuoka, you might feel tired, so…

here is the best place for you!

There are many shops that you can drink and eat. It takes only few minutes from Sizuoka station, so the location is also perfect!

Shizuoka Golden Street

Open 17:00~5:00 / every day open

Although Shizuoka has Mt.Fuji, the city also has many fabulous places! Come and visit Shizuoka then meet Chibi maruko-chan and eat traditional meals!

Have a nice trip~

Author: Ayaka Makiuchi

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