Ramen – Japanese Noodle

You may have heard the word “ramen” once in your life. It is one of the representative Japanese foods and well known in the world. I have traveled to a lot of countries and ate Ramen in those countries, but the taste is totally different from what we have in Japan. I want to introduce you what is Japanese Ramen and the Ramen restaurants (ramen-ya) that I recommend.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup that is imported from China. It’s become so familiar to Japanese in  recent decades. Ramen is inexpensive and easy to cook so that ramen restaurants (ramen-ya) can be found in every corner of the country. There are various types of ramen that are categorized by soup. Shoyu, Shio, Tonkotsu, Miso.

Shoyu~ (醤油) 

Shoyu means soy sauce in Japanese. Shoyu ramen is made with soy sauce based broth that is usually brown color. It is the most common type of ramen, and it affected other types of ramen like “tonkotsu shoyu”, “shoyu miso”.


Shio means salt in Japanese. Shio ramen is usually made with plenty of salt and any combination of chicken broth that is usually pale, and yellowish color.


Tonkotsu  means pork bone in Japanese. Tonkotsu is made of pork bones which were boiled down until the broth came out from pork bones. The color itself is unclear, and brown color. The flavor is stronger than shoyu, and shio.


Miso is Japanese traditional seasoning that is soybean paste. This unique Japanese ramen was developed in Hokkaido and made of miso broth, and chicken broth combination. It has a robust, tangy flavor so it stands up to variety toppings.

Three Most-Recommended Ramen ~Kyoto Edition~

1.Menya Takei(麵屋 たけ井)

I have never eaten such a tasty ramen before in my whole life. There is always a line to wait to get inside of the store even on weekdays. I have waited in line for about 40 minutes. When I got inside of the store, the smell was pretty nice and my appetite was stimulated. The flavor was strong and the soup was gorgeous. Must try takei once in your life.

Address: Koda-48-2 Kannondo, Joyo, Kyoto 610-0115

Phone: 075-982-2288

2.Menya Gokkei(麵屋 極鶏)

This store also has a waiting line even on weekdays.The feature of this ramen is soup. As you can see from the picture above, chinese soup spoon is standing.  The thick soup makes it available to hold it. Ambelibable right?

Address: 29-7 Ichijoji Nishitojikawaracho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8123

Phone: 075-711-3133

3.Menya Kataguruma(麵屋 かたぐるま)

This store is not as famous as the others above, but the quality of ramen is the same!!

Chashu (grilled pork) is so soft so that it will melt immediately after the first bite.  Noodles are  chewy and tasty so that the combination of noodles, chashu, and soup is perfect.

Address: 77 Nishishichijo Nishihattandacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8892

If you have a chance, please visit recommended ramen restaurants.

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