Jirokei ramen is a type of ramen that is unique and impressive. Many visitors might not have heard “Jirokei” before or even after visited in Japan and don’t know what kind of ramen it is. To get more knowledge of Japanese Ramen or to be a ramen professionalist, Let’s see what Jirokei Ramen is together !!

Jirokei(二郎系)means Jiro-style, ramen that inspired by  ramen Jiro(ラーメン二郎). Ramen Jiro back in 1986 is the first shop that served abnormal ramen, now called Jirokei. The feature of it is a massive amount of noodles, chashu(grilled or fried pork), and vegetables. You can choose the amount of toppings duering ordering, and might be asked “mashi” or “mashimashi”. “Mashi” means more, and “mashimashi” means more and more. Please discuss with your stomach how hungry you are. As you see in the picture below, there is a mountain of vegetables on the noodles so that you need to dig those obstacles to get treasures(noodles).

The soup is so rich and oily but the texture is lighter. The broth is usually made from mixed soy sauce and pork lard. Garlic is a key point that makes jirokei ramen more jiro-ish. There is someone who drinks all of the soup, but it’s dangerous in this case. Your breath will be smelly and makes others feel uncomfortable. Please do not go on a date with your girlfriend/boyfriend  after eating jirokei ramen, otherwise I will not take responsibility for your relationship.

The restaurant that I can’t forget

Ramensou tikyuukibodekangaero (ラーメン荘 地球規模で考えろ) at Kyoto

This ramen store is famous as jirokei ramen. The feature of this ramen is thick chashu, rich soup and store’s rules. Firstly, I have ordered a large portion of it, but I changed it to a middle one later. It is because a store clerk told me that the large size is equal to 4 times of a normal one. My stomach can contain 6 small snickers so that I was lucky to not order the large one.

I was asked “mashi” or “mashimashi” at the counter so I answered “mashi”. If I could go back to that time, I would punch myself and say “don’t act tough”. As I said, my stomach size is as small as children.

Chashu was so dericious and the soup was rich. I love the taste of the ramen but the massive amount of vegetables afflicted me a lot. There is a rumor that “ If you can’t eat up everything, a store clerk will be angly”. It is normal, but it made me feel a bit pressured. 30 minutes later, I could eat up everything with an extended stomach. Somewhat I was addicted to jirokei ramen after the experience.

I hope you understand and get interested in jirokei ramen. If you want to know more about it, why don’t you come to Japan to try some? See you there!!

Address: 1153-9 Shumokumachi, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, 612-0085

Phone: 075-644-7544

Open hours↴

Sunday: 11am~3pm, 5pm~10pm

Monday: closed

Tuesday: 11am~3pm, 6pm~12am

Wednesday: 11am~3pm, 6pm~12am

Thursday: 11am~3pm, 6pm~12am

Friday: 11am~3pm, 6pm~12am

Saturday: 11am~3pm, 6pm~12am

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