Have you ever felt exhausted when traveling, rushing all day, trying to complete your to do list, but having no idea which train to take, ending up forgetting to enjoy yourself? If yes, Uji is the best destination for you. The city is one of the most popular cities in Kyoto. As some of you might know, it is famous for Matcha (Japanese green tea). But it’s not only that.Amazing food, world heritage, and the nature. Everything is within walking distance. Also, Uji is not so packed with too many places to visit. So, you can just stroll around and fully enjoy the sight. In our YouTube video, we are showing you a half day plan, so be sure to check it out! In this blog, we list the spots we visited in the video and some behind the scene photos.


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From the center of Kyoto city, it takes about 30 minutes to get to Uji station by JR Nara line. Keihan Uji line also has a station nearby, which runs between Chushojima and Uji.



Byodoin Temple


If you visit Uji, it is definitely recommended to go Byodoin Temple. It was built in 1052, and is now one of the World Cultural Heritages that Kyoto offers. The site is consisted of several architectures. The most iconic building is surrounded by the water, representing a utopia, where people back then wished to be sent after they die.

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Map: https://goo.gl/maps/d2uqxpJfCwvXuxth9



In front of Byodoin Temple, there is Starbucks, which has a special feeling with traditional Japanese garden. After visiting the temple, it is a nice idea to stop by here to have some rest while enjoying the view of the garden.


Tori Kiku

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/eW9WKfGEQVZeeEVF9




For lunch, Tori Kiku is the perfect place. This restaurant serves Japanese dishes such as noodle called Cha-soba, which is made with matcha, as you can see the noodle is green. You’ll love the atmosphere with chefs cooking right in front of you, and lots of decors that create typical Japanese feeling. (There are also a couple of tables in the back.) The menu has many choices, but the set of soba/udon, tempura, and sushi would be the best, because you can fully enjoy popular Japanese food at the same time at a reasonable price. (800 ~1000 yen)


Omotesando Street


If you are a matcha lover, do not forget to wonder on Omodesando street. There are many shops you can try matcha flavored foods. Matcha drinks, Matcha sweets, and even Matcha ramen and dumplings…!


Uji River


After walking around the central area of Uji, it is also nice to walk to Uji river to get relaxed. There are some small benches, where you can enjoy the view of the river and the breeze. It is also a good idea to get your sweets or drinks from Omotesando street and eat here.

Beautiful buildings and scenery, amazing foods. You can enjoy everything in Uji by just taking a train from the center of Kyoto.To know more about the city and to watch us visiting, please check our YouTube video!
































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